What are Waxed tiles

Waxing tiles is a form of ‘ageing’ for natural stone tiles to give a sophisticated brushed look.
It also protects unpolished natural stone (limestone, sandstone, slate, etc) red stoneware, unvitrified quarry tiles and various types of terracotta.

Vein Cut

This tern relates to travertine or marble, where the blocks are cut to show their natural vertical striations.


This term is primarily related to travertine which is usually characterised by surface pits and holes unless purposefully filled.


When the thickness of the tile varies to a greater or lesser degree.


A form of ‘ageing’ stone when the stone has been ‘tumbled’ which gives a rounded edge to the tile and the surface is slightly textured.


A naturally cleft or riven face is simply achieved by splitting blocks of stone. The term usually relates to slate, schist or sandstone.


Where the stone is mechanically worked to achieve a high reflective gloss to the surface of the tile.


A form of ‘ageing’ stone where the tiles have a soft, pronounced pillowed edge.


Tiles are mechanically treated to achieve a smooth surface to the face of the stone.